Business (Functional) Requirement Document/Specifications (BRD/FRS)

Business (functional) requirements are often listed in a Business Requirements Document or BRD/FRS. Our expertise of gathering to the point & absolute business requirement sets us apart. Our team of Business Requirement Documentation has USP in terms of our BRD/FRS template having global standard covering every single aspect of web solution design & development.

At SSPL we strongly believe that quality business requirements documentation must be delivered to provide all the functional requirements of business in detail. Fool proof BRD/FRS leads in meeting exact client requirements and concept realization. Products, systems, software, and processes are the ways to deliver, satisfy, or meet the business requirements. Consequently, the topic of business requirements often arises in the context of developing or procuring software or other system; but business requirements exist much more broadly.

Confusion arises for three main reasons. A common practice is to refer to objectives, or expected benefits, as business requirements. People commonly use the term ‘requirements’ to pertain to the features of the product, system, software expected to be created.

A widely held model says these two types of requirements differ only in level of detail or abstraction—wherein ‘business requirements’ are high-level and vague and decompose into product, system, or software requirements that are detailed. Formulating of As-Is & To-Be processes, defining roles & responsibilities of the key stakeholders, security measures to be taken, authentication techniques, validations, input field identification, process flow diagram, table structures, MIS dashboard design, etc. are the key features of a standard BRD/FRS required primarily for the purpose of initiating with the process of software development.

Our team of BRD/FRS experts is enriched with vast & dynamic industry experience in documenting BRD/FRS for various Government as well as Non-Government Organizations such as drafting of BRD/FRS for SARAL (Systemic Administrative Reform for Achieving Learning) – A complete School ERP solution (SMS – School Management System) in terms of School-Teacher-Student database & an integration of all three for School Education & Sports Department, Government of Maharashtra as an eGovernance consultant.