Renewable Energy

Demand of power is continuously increasing all across the globe. Conventional modes of power generation such as Petrol, Diesel, Natural gas, Electricity, etc. are left with limited volume. In the view of fulfilment of continuously increasing power demand, there is no option left other than green energy/renewable energy. World demands more of it and needs it to be delivered through cleaner burning and more efficient plants.

Synergie Strauss has the experience and expertise you require to meet not only industry demands, but also those that are unique to your operations.

We deliver turnkey solutions to plan, design, construct and operate power plants, as well as improve the performance and reliability of turbines, high-speed rotating equipment, pumps compressors and solar panels. Applying our specialist knowledge across a broad range of rotating equipment, we enable safe, reliable and cost-effective operations throughout the lifecycle of your facility and assets.

Using our expertise in both operating power plants and overhauling and maintaining rotating equipment, we deliver O&M strategies to enhance the operational performance and system reliability of your power generation assets. Our skilled operations and engineering teams provide turbine maintenance solutions to minimise downtime, increase availability and reduce the overall operating costs of your facility.

Our services

Engineering, procurement & construction (EPC)

Operations & maintenance

Solar Energy Power Plant Design & Commissioning

Wind Energy Power Plant Design & Commissioning

Hybrid (Solar & Wind) Energy Power Plant Design & Commissioning

Turn Key Solutions for Renewable Energy Power Plants